In a Phone perverts Paradise, nothings off limits!

Phone perverts ParadiseThis is a Phone perverts Paradise for many reasons.. One, being that you are able to call my hotline and hear me slightly gasp and moan as I greet you with a simple hello.. You can tell by the sound of my voice I am horny and likely masturbating! Always wet and ready to serve… Sometimes I can’t help as we are going through the billing process to draw out numbers because my vibrator is shaking the walls of my cunt. Barely getting through billing I come back on the line once processed and immediately describe my pussy, the wetness, slickness and depth from the length and width of my silicone cock stretching me out.

You know what you want and I know exactly how to give it to you. Whether it’s Big tits and asses or the sight of my slender flat chested physique that drew you in because it reminded you so much of your youngest daughter. The pervert in you couldn’t resist! You surfed for a while. There are so many girls to choose from but you wanted the one who appeared to be the youngest, most naïve and easy to please.

You don’t want this to be easy, you want to hear me scream begging you not to do this to me. You close your eyes and picture the twat you saw running around Target with her skimpy biker shorts. How bad did you want to push her into a dressing room and show her what happens to girls who flaunt their goods? You tell me as you describe the feeling of her tender walls tightly gripping your throbbing cock.  A release was what you needed to shake the urge of going out and taking advantage of the next Bald shaved pussy you saw! 

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