I wanted him to notice me

kinky phone sexI was walking my dog this morning. I was wearing very short shorts and a tank top. I was even in high heels because I wanted to look as sexy as possible. There is this hot guy with a bulldog that I see every morning walking by my house. I timed it so I was walking my pup at the same time. At first the guy wasn’t noticing me. Everyone notices me. I thought maybe he was gay. It would be a waste of man, at least for women lol. I decided to let my dog loose. He is my wingman. He ran ahead to sniff the hot guy’s dog. I ran to get my pup acting all panicked even though I knew everyone was safe. The object of my affection picked up my pup and then he noticed me. I guess he was buried in his phone. He got hard looking me up and down. Finally!!!! He got all flirty with me. I asked him back to my place which was a block away. Our pups could have a playdate in my back yard, and I could have a fuck date with a hot man. We didn’t get very far into the house before I was on my knees sucking his dick. The pups were playing in the yard and I was riding a handsome stranger’s dick in my living room. I always get my man.

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