I Took My Boss Deep

fantasy phone sexAre you looking for a naughty daddy cock lover? You have found the right girl. I love a hard daddy dick and know exactly how to make them all mine. I am a secretary to an awesome hot older guy who has always made my panties wet thinking about him. So today when he asked me to stay late, I decided it was my chance. As the door locked behind us, I stepped into his office and asked if there was anything else, I could do for him. As he looked down at his computers, I started unbuttoning my shirt and unzipping my skirt. The noise caught his attention and he glanced up. He stared as I stood there in only my bra, panties, thigh highs and heels. I walked toward him. He turned his chair towards me. I gently kissed his neck as I unbuttoned his shirt. I kissed all the way down his chest and smiled up at him as I unbuckled his pants. I took that cock from his boxers and began stroking him. I licked and kissed the head as he moaned softly. I could taste the pre-cum as I took him deeper. With another glance upwards I opened my throat and took him deep. It was a hot after-hours time, and you are going to want to hear all the other dirty things I did to him. Can’t wait to tell you.

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