I Squirted On A Banana!

Daddy Phone SexHorny little girls like me will fuck anything! After I became addicted to cock, I got in trouble all the time for trying to fill my cum thirsty cunny. I got sick of being in detention for fucking all the boys at school and tried something new one afternoon. Daddy wasn’t home and my pussy was soaked from all that porn watching, when I saw a banana on the counter. Just the perfect shape and size to fill me up! I grabbed that banana and sucked all over it getting it nice and wet, when I slid it in it felt just like daddy’s hard cock, I couldn’t believe it! I flicked my clit and twisted my hips over and over before I heard a squish! I squirted all over that cock like fruit, coating it in my sweet, sticky pussy juice!Mutual Masturbation


    • Pete on January 26, 2023 at 8:45 am
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