I spy a pervert

phone sex porn

Since I knew Mr. Miller was watching me, I decided to put on a private show. There I was with my sexy friend. Telling her all about his phone sex porn addiction and how I want to drive him wild. We decided to make this a team effort, and we both decided to play with each other while he watched from his private camera. I knew he was watching us fuck. I had to give him the best personal show. We knew we had to whip out the strap and the toys. I made out with her and gave Mr. Miller the presentation he desperately wanted to see. I knew he was jacking off hard upstairs while His wife was in their room and he was in his home office. I thought about Mrs. M walking in on him jerking it while he was watching my friend and I get acquainted. I’m confident my arrival has put a massive damper on their sex life. I don’t even think Mrs. M gives blowjobs. I heard them argue about it a couple of nights ago. I to spy and eavesdrop. 

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