I rented him out

kinky phone sexMy son usually gets a pass on being rented out because most of the guys I deal with would rather have a sweet little girl pussy to play with, but last night that all changed. This guy offered me a fat sack of crystal and a big fat wad of cash to be the first to fuck my son’s sweet little ass and I sure as fuck wasn’t gonna pass that up! My son wasn’t happy of course but honestly who gives a fuck? He has to do what the fuck I tell him to do no matter what! Plus I just got the little fucker high as fuck first and that made him a whole lot more compliant. He just kind of laid there as that man pumped away in his tight little asshole, he didn’t scream he didn’t beg he just laid there and let it happen but man that old man fucking loved it! He told me that he would be back real soon with more drugs and more money so my son better get used to being fucked real soon just like his sisters.

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