I Open Wide For Daddy

fantasy phone sexI call him daddy. He loves making me his naughty little girl. We pretend I come to his bed at night, scared from a nightmare. He holds me and I drift off to sleep. I awaken between his legs. Looking up at his massive cock and balls. Being the inquisitive little girl, I start to touch him. His cock grows and I become even more excited. He wakes and pats my head as I continue touching him. He gently takes my hand and shows me how to stroke him. I do it so softly and firm. When he starts moaning and veins appears, he tells me to put it in my mouth. Like a good girl I open wide and start sucking on him. He tells me to twirl my tongue as I suck, and I obey. I suck the head, the shaft all while moving my tongue all around. Then he takes the top of my head and buries my face deep inside his crotch. I feel his massive dick against my throat. He holds me there while he fucks my face. As his cock gets thicker and starts to twitch, he removes it, stands over my face and tells me to open wide. I open my mouth and stick out my tongue waiting for those big thick yummy streams of cum to be shot in my face and mouth. I do love my daddy.

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