Blasphemous Sunday is Funday

My little fuckions are ready for daddy dick. It’s all about as blasphemous as we can get with them. I know Father Roberts loves the little hairless holes of my brat pack. I am always inviting him over for tea. He is always declining and nervous. So, I decided to take it a step further today. We attended church for the first time in years. I really wanted to get into something blasphemous and he will just have to give in to the invite when we offer a little something extra in the donation basket. Well it wasn’t really in the basket. The youngest of my girls was dressed really cute and innocent.

A sweet little pink, grey and blue plaid gathered skirt above the knees. A shimmery pink v-neck top with teacup sleeves with a grey little vest. She had on a pair of lacey black tights. Some lipstick on in a light mauve and a little blush and eyeshadow. She was wearing a pair of tap shoes and had her pretty dishwater blonde hair curled to flatter her little face. She was adores. The fact that she played pretty and innocent and so very helpful got his attention. She walked with her little brother that was dressed in a pretty lilac lace dress with white stocking and some pretty shimmery lilac shoes. Walking hand and hand and walking the collections basket to the front to hand over to Father Roberts with a special little invitation slipped in with a 20.00 bill. This really told all and it really had him excited. I had a picture of three little ones naked in the pool and all smiling and hugging. I got a call to arrange a visit this morning already! 

My brats cannot wait to offer up their little holes for a baptism of Father Roberts cum. I can’t wait to see how this goes!

Fetish Phone Sex

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