I made them do it

kinky phone sexMy brats were being little assholes yesterday and I fucking snapped. I screamed at them and told them they better not fucking embarrass me when the perverts show up. I invited 3 of them over, one for each brat. They pay me in drugs and money and I let them fuck the brats, simple right? Well these little assholes were trying to tell me they weren’t gonna fuck those old perverts no matter what I did. I just laughed at them, what the fuck were they gonna do? Run away? Psshhht, they weren’t going anywhere and they were too small and weak to stop anything from happening anyway. When the guys showed up I took their money and party favors and went to get fucked up. I told them where the brats were and let them do whatever they wanted to them. All the brats were crying and fighting but you better believe they got fucked anyway.

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