I made her do it

kinky phone sexMy daughter is really a gigantic pain in my fucking ass sometimes! She knows that she has to give up the pussy to anyone I tell her to fuck but sometimes she acts like it is the hardest thing in the world to do. I had a man here that had given me a ton of money and a huge bag of coke and in return he was expecting to fuck that tight ass and pussy and what did she do? She pitched a damn fit and laid there on the floor kicking and screaming like a little bitch! I was so fucking pissed off, how dare she embarrass me like that??? I couldn’t let her get away with that shit so I grabbed her up by her hair and pulled her over my knee and spanked the shit out of her. Well, that made dude’s cock rock hard to see me spank her so I decided to go up a notch. I ripped off her panties and pulled up her dress and started spanking her pussy and her ass. I had that lil cunny bright red and swollen before I stopped and by that time he was about ready to pop so he just shoved that cock balls deep inside her. He fucked her until she accepted her fate and went along with it and in the end thanked him too. She better not pull any shit like that again or next time the punishment will be much worse!

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