I have No limits

MyNo limits phone sexMy pussy craves a rough hard cock handling my insides. I don’t care who fucks me. Even if it is by my own fucking Dad. It feels so fucking good so why not? He has been handling my sweet wet pussy since as long as I could remember. I was just starting to use the toilet for goodness sakes! He told me since I was a little youngin that he was going to teach me how to be a slutty whore. That my pussy was made to be fucked and my mouth was made to be sucked.  Often times when I knew he was about to come home from work. I would twirl  my pearl tongue around in circle with my fingers. My mind constantly thinking about  dad’s throbbing rod fucking the shit out of my sweet black cunt. If dad had to work late I would call  up my Uncle. He gladly gave me his stiffened serpent. Feeding my pussy because she was hungry for his white thick cream. I have No limits phone sex when it comes to my pussy. When I am horny just feed me some dick. Rather father or Uncle. You see my pussy wants all kinds of dick. Even yours! Come feed her Daddy!

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