I have a stage mom

fantasy phone sexFantasy phone sex is great when you can have it with a slut who is willing to do it all for your naughty thoughts. I have always been a pleasing person. When I booked a photography session, I had no clue what I was doing. My mom pushed me into the world of pageants and modeling so she could live vicariously thru me. I knew how bad she wanted me to live out her dreams. I obliged and went on a few photography sessions. At one of my courses, I met a creepy photographer who had eyes for me only. I was alone with him for hours. My mom was practically pimping my pussy out to him. Not only was he one of the best in the business he also had connections. I had to Harvey Weinstein myself thru it all. I was turned on by the sick p cock that I let him nail me and cum all over me. I was happy, and so was mommy.

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