I Do It For You

Sissy phone sex

I love to give my guys the sissy phone sex their blown out assholes need.  After all, I am a people pleaser.  I’ll turn my macho men into ass fucked sissy butt sluts with my big black strap-on because it’s what they want and I always do what everyone of my cum loving, gaped out guys desires of me.  It’s just the type of lover I am.

I can help you pick out some pretty clothes, if that’s what you want.  We can even watch BBC and tranny porn together and fantasize about all of those cocks and every last drop of that onscreen cum blasting into our guts, if that’s what gets you going.  Regardless, I know how this will end.  It happens the same way every time.

You’re going to wind up with this fat ebony butt bruiser buried to the balls in your battered rectum.  I might ease it in there and stretch you out nice and slowly so you can get used to the enormous size, or I could just jam it in really hard and keep it shoved in there really deep so your asshole can adjust to it that way.  Either way, your rim will be all stretched out and I’ll be drilling you really hard with my fake hog until you blow a fat, juicy load because it’s what you want.  It’s what you really need of your phone sex whore and I’m happy to do it for you.


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