Humiliating This Subby Pervert Momma

submissive phone sex

It was all about the humiliation from my oldest daughter. See she wanted to know just how much I could take. Imagine being collared by your own daughter. The hotel was supposed to be for a nice gentleman to pay me some cash for some brat sex. My oldest said she would bring my little son and girl to me. I was wrong it was just her! She told me that she was setting the scene and had me tied up in so many different positions as she forced so much water down my throat and left me to piss on myself. My pussy was flogged and my nipples were pinched repeatedly. My milk was harvested so she could make me drink it later. I was sitting in my piss and my tits were leaking everywhere. I think the most humiliating part was being left alone watching a live feed of my youngins getting the P-man treatment without me! Ice cold water was thrown on my pussy and I couldn’t participate in  little sex with my bebes. I knew she had resentments from being sold at a young age but I think she is going to use and abuse me even more now.

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