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I have no say in what nasty p-men do to me and my young ones. I get so fucking wet just thinking about my hot phonesex tikes for you. I have a beautiful smooth skinned little boy who I dress up as a faggot and let men fuck for money.  He has the perfect oink little cock and tight little ass that I love to finger when we are alone. I suck him off like any naughty mommy would love too. The men who use him are not the sadistic ones all the time, just your local chester the molester types. The ones who want my sweet baby girl and/ or my little tranny wanna be son, are the mean ones. The ones who force me into bondage and treat me like the druggy whore pain slut I am. My pussy gets wet as I am forced to be humiliated and give my sweet brats up to these demented p-daddy types. My tits subject to pain and my pussy fucked to prime my p-mommy pussy.  Not that I don’t deserve every second of torture and pain. I crave it. I’m the mommy who enjoys seeing holes gaped open and the young cries of my daughter and son. Plus I get to lick those wounds of theirs  and get high after we are done being used. I know you want to hurt me and my brats and I want you too! 

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