Hornball Fido and Brats

hot phonesexI was trying to have hot phonesex when I heard a crash in the Kitchen. My brats are home from school and causing all kinds of mayhem. I went to stealthy peep at the chaos and my daughter had pulled her panties down and had her brother licking peanut butter off of her cunny. I couldn’t believe these two hornballs were up to no good! The crash I had heard was from them blocking Fido out of the Kitchen area with the chairs from the table! I laughed and told my caller what had happened, he almost didn’t believe me as I went back to my bed. “Are you just going to let them do that?’ He was aching so hard at this time, I had never second guessed That I would let it continue. My caller busted his nut and I went to rectify a little situation. I promptly pulled back the chairs and let fido get on top of my son and get him some peanut butter cunny himself! And I just might have smeared some more peanut butter on my son’s ass and cock! Im that kind of phone sex whore!

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