His Foot Fetish Was Hot

Fetish Phone SexI have this friend Jan that I have known for many years. Like me she is an older gal with no young ones or partner at home, but she still likes to have fun. We go down to the bar at the corner and have become somewhat regulars. It is an older crowd with the occasional youngster venturing in. Last week we were there sitting at the bar when this sweet looking young fellow sat down beside us. We chatted and knocked down a few rounds and a lot of shots. We were all feeling pretty good. The conversation took a sexual turn and he mentioned how he had this incredible foot fetish. Said he couldn’t really get hard without it. That puzzled us but we were intrigued. Closing time rolled around and we invited him to come back to my place to continue partying. As we walked back to my house, we kept asking about this foot thing. He told us he liked to have a girl lay on top of him and another rub his cock with her feet. We are two horny gals and thought we had done just about everything sexual there was, but never this. We told him that we were down for this fetish of his. He undressed and laid on his back. Might I add that his cock was impressive too. Jan laid on top of him with her back on his chest. His dick was rock hard. I rubbed his cock with my feet while he grabbed Jan’s breast and squeezed her nipples. He then wanted me to take one of my feet and rub Jan’s clit. She started moaning as my toes caressed her pussy. I am not going to lie this was extremely hot and my pussy was getting wet. I laid there, rubbing his dick and Jan’s clit as he squeezed her nipples. He started to cum and Jan squirted about 6 inches, leaving her juices all over, mixed with his. I was so horny by now; I rubbed his cock with my feet again until it was hard and then hopped on and rode that young stud until I climaxed.

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