Sissy phone sexI take my belt and brush against your ass. I love staring at your helpless body. I walk around you admiring your beauty. I take the belt and strike your ass with it one, two, three times. I can hear your whimpers and moans mixed together. I strike you again with more force this time. Again one, two, three times. You squirm around but with every movement, you feel the pain of your restraints. Your ass has some sweet red marks on it. I rub your ass softly feeling the heat come off your flesh. I drop the belt and I get on my 8-inch strap-on. I stand behind you and slowly spread your ass cheeks. Looking down at your sweet asshole I move the strap on to your open hole and press in completely dry. Your ass opens up like a pussy for a dick. I work my way into your ass making you take every inch. I pick up the belt with one hand and grab your hair with the other. I start riding you like a fucking horse. Pulling hard on your hair and striking your back over and over. Taking complete control of your body.

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