He wanted to taste it

Need Fantasy phone sex? Well, let me tell you why I am an open book regarding fetishes. Although I’m so young, I’ve lived quite a life. Over a year ago, I had a sexual Awakening from the person I at least expected it to have one from. It was prom night, and I was dressed up and looking so good. The excitement I had was pumping through my veins. I couldn’t get enough of trying on dresses and looking like the hottest girl. My parents are pretty strict, and my stepdad, for some reason, thinks that he owns me. He felt he had to speak with me when he saw my tight dress. My stepdad told me that if I planned on staying out late, I wouldn’t be able to get back inside. I rolled my eyes and kept on with my night and had the best fuck in the back of a Volvo. Now I’m the kind of girl that likes to prove others wrong, so I keep an eye on my ovulating days and avoid those.

Since I love cream pies, I make sure to be super careful, and lucky I was in the clear. So I let my boyfriend just deep inside my talk. I love feeling that warm sensation of semen inside my twat. There’s nothing quite like it. My stepdad wanted to keep me outside the house if I came past noon. I had a blast, and of course, I would go in at 4:00 a.m. My stepdad didn’t allow me to go inside. He told me he had to check my tiny pussy to see if I had any suspicious matter. My stepdad told me that he would fuck the shit out of me since he knew I had to have come in me. I was so wasted that I loved him to see for himself All That Jizz in me. When he looked, he began to slurp it all out. The sick fuck was hoping I’d have a creampie that he could enjoy.

fantasy phone sex

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