He Spoiled Me And I Drained Him

fantasy phone sexI had been assigned a temp job at a local firm and my boss was not only hot and rich, but he was looking for a young plaything to take care of. I love money and I love older men. They really know how to take care of a girl if you know what I mean. He knew my slutty ass was interested so he handed me an envelope and smiled and casually walked away. I opened it and there was a hotel key, a credit card and a note. The note said to get myself pampered and buy something nice for dinner and something slutty for the night and to meet him there at 9. This isn’t my first go around with his type, so I knew what he wanted. A slick freshly waxed pussy and ass for his pleasure along with the normal manicure, pedicure and perfect hair. I would be his arm candy at dinner and his freak for dessert. I did exactly that and bought a hot dinner dress and some naughty after hours toys and costumes for the night. Dinner was wonderful as I lay my hand on his lap and gently started stroking his cock through his pants. I nuzzled up to his ear as I handed him a tiny blue pill to keep him involved in our late-night activities. As we walked into the room, the bed was covered with flowers and I gently removed my dress wearing only my bra, panties, thigh highs and heels. He handed me a glass of champagne and we got the night started. I left that man completely dry but still wanting more. Want to hear the naughty things I did to him?

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