Domme Mommy Is A Trans Girl Gift

Anal Phone Sex

Some men crave tranny phone sex, which works out for me. My thick, ten inch girl dick is throbbing and ready for you. I’m a top Domme Mommy, but that doesn’t mean I won’t let a hot cock slide inside my tight little ass pussy. All cocks ass fucking me have to be big cocks though! If I’m going to be your bitch for a night, you’d better at least stretch me out real fucking good. I won’t suck a little dick either. If this delicious cock of mine isn’t wanted in your mouth, the one you slide inside my hot, hungry little mouth had better be of a comparable size.

Any man who’s cock isn’t at least seven and a half inches can’t put that thing anywhere near my glory holes. I will, however, be letting you put this fat fucking cock of mine down your throat. Make sure you lube me up real nice, because this massive monster is about to pop that little chocolate cherry of yours. I’m going to slam the fuck out of you, pretty boy. I’m going to really make you mine. Bend over, and say pretty fucking please, Mommy. Before mommy turns you into my little sissy bitch.

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