He paid for it

kinky phone sexThis guy came up to me on the corner and asked me if I would let him play with my little girl, he had a wallet full of money and a bag coke on him so obviously I agreed. I took him back to my place and did a couple of fat lines before I brought him into her room. She was all scared and shit when she saw him there but she knows better than to whine and complain to me. He grabbed her by her hair and forced her mouth open with his cock, she was fighting him so I jumped in to help hold her down. He paid me so he was gonna fuck her whether she wanted to or not! Eventually she stopped all that bullshit and just laid there and let him fuck all her tender little fuck holes until he was done. He left me with a fat stack of cash and that whole sack of coke too so all in all it was a good night for me!

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