He Loves To Be A Cuck

fantasy phone sexSometimes all he wants to do is have cuckold sex. We go out, find a couple of hot young men, of his choosing of course and then we come back to have a little fun. As he sits at the corner of the bed, he directs us, kind of like he is producing his own porn movie. He pulls out his cock and as he strokes, we become his minions. To do as he pleases. I love it really, watching him get so excited as other men use my body. He always requests that I keep my thigh highs on and keep as much eye contact with him as possible. He loves watching my eyes as I cum. I laid one of the guys down beside him as I got between his legs and started blowing him, always watching daddy of course. The other guy started rimming my sweet ass with his tongue and playing with my clit. With a mouth full of cum daddy nudged me towards him to kiss him. I unloaded that wad inside of daddy as he continued stroking. Then I lowered my wet cunt onto the guy and started sucking the other one’s cock. He watched as we all came to orgasms and then I went over and sucked daddy dry to finish him off.

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