He Is A Pantyhose Freak

fetish phone sexMy pantyhose man came over the other night. He always requests that I be waiting for him, wearing nothing but my stocking suit. Sometimes he even requests a certain color. Today he wanted black, sheer, glimmer ones with nothing underneath. He loves to look at my cunt smashed underneath them. I knew he would be here soon, so I let him know the door was open. I sat on the chair in front of the door, legs widespread with my cunt and ass in complete view. I knew he would already be wearing his thigh highs and garter belt and that always makes my cunt start to get wet. As the door opened there, he was wearing only that. That freak had removed his clothes before walking through the door. I love that. My pussy had now caused a wet spot between my legs and he quickly came over and started sucking my pussy through the hose. I could feel his tongue push against it so hard and my clit instantly hard. After filling my hose with my warm pussy juices, I laid on the floor as he stood over me slowly lowering his rock-hard cock inside my open waiting mouth. It got kinkier from there and you are going to want to grab some hose and give me a call so I can tell you all about it.

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