He hated it

kinky phone sexI made my son a little sissy bitch yesterday for this guy. The dude brought me a fucking 8-ball and wanted to fuck a little sissy boy, what else could I do? I mean fuck, I wanted to get high! So my son just had to play sissy whether he wanted to or not. He fought the whole way, I literally had to beat his fucking ass to get him dressed up and ready but dude fucking loved it when he showed up. My son was crying and acting like a little bitch but that just got dude’s dick even harder. He fucked my son’s pretty little mouth for like an hour and then he wanted to fuck that little boycunt but my son was resisting. So I went over there and slapped the shit out of him and held him down so that dude could fuck that sweet little puckered hole of his. He didn’t last long but my son acted like a little bitch the whole time! I think I will have to start doing this way more often so that he can learn how to fucking cooperate!

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