He Filled Us Up

As a single mommy it’s sometimes difficult to keep on top of everything. There’s always a fantasy phone sex scene with my girls and me involved. The other day I was on a rural country road with the three girls and I ran out of fuel in my car. I completely got sidetracked with feeding the girls and forgot to fill up. It was a chaotic day. It’s always total chaos with my little brats. I my daughters friend with us too. I was unable to get decent cell reception and had to flag someone down. I got a farmer that happened to have some fuel in a can and offered it to me. But I needed to earn it first. He wanted to fill up the little holes of the three girls and to give my breeding whore cunt a good injection of that impregnation juice. He was a young farmer and was able to pump all three of us full of breeding seed and the girls got so stretched from that big fat man meat. I sure do hope that at least one of us is carrying soon.

Fantasy Phone Sex

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