He came over anyway

kinky phone sexI know we are all supposed to be stuck in our houses right now but I have a habit to feed so I have to have guys come over. The brats hate it, they were thinking that they would be getting a break from fucking and sucking but they were real wrong. Mommy has to get fucked up no matter what! The guy that came over was this older guy but he was sexy as hell. In great shape and he had a huge bag of powder with him too so I was immediately in love. We made the brats do a couple lines too and that pepped them right up. They got down on their knees and sucked my friend’s cock like a couple of pros it was too cute. I watched and masturbated while he fucked them and after he was done with them I made them come get mommy off too. We broke all kinds of rules but who gives a fuck… gotta get some fun while we can yanno?

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