Group Fuck

Group Sex Lillian

                You told me I was finally going to play with the boys, and I knew the cocks wouldn’t stop coming. You have been my best friend for ages, and surprising me with a room full of handsome men with Big Black cocks had my pussy dripping down my legs while they shook. Stroking with both my hands on my knees before I could get to the middle of the room. Getting scooped up and two cocks stuff me before I could finish spreading my legs- fuck I love being your fucktoy. Jam another cock in my pussy and another in my ass- let me suck those long hard fat dicks. These cocks are almost not enough, cum deep in me and keep your friends Cumming. Switch out until there is cum dripping all over the floor and my pussy is stretched out. Fuck me harder, deeper, and faster! Fuck these cocks are making me squirt. Moments like this I’m sure would make my daddy proud!

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