“oh pool boy”

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Now that school is out for the summer I have all day to work on my tan and lay by the pool. My parents are at work so I’m home alone all day, that is until yesterday when the new pool guy my mom hired to come clean the pool showed up while i was sunbathing naked on a pool floatie. God Dayem ! Was he sexy as fuck too! Tan , muscular probably in his late 20’s. He cleared his throat when he saw I was totally nude but I just waved I guess he thought I’d go inside or cover up or something. But fuck that I’m a fucking cum slut whore who is always on the look out for some good dick and jackpot! I knew this poolboy was going to dick me down good and i was right. I told him to join me and take a break but only if he strips. Good boy did as he was told and next thing you know he swims up between my legs and starts licking the fuck out of my box. Lapping up all my juices and licking his lips. He was tongue fucking the shit out of my tight slit and I must have gotten of 3 times before he took his cock and pressed it up against my tight slit and shoved his pecker deep inside me and whoa his shit was thick he stretched the fuck out of my pussy lips. My beef curtains were all loose when he was done. At one point he did throw me over his shoulder and out of the pool to doggy style bone me on the pool deck. He pounded my cunt so hard it was all red and puffy when he was done. He fucked the shit out my ass too, my puckered fuck slot is so tight he didn’t last long though, once he was sawing back and forth in my poop chute it was over quick, he sprayed my guts with his sticky pool boy splooge. I told him “see ya next week” and went back to my floatie in the pool and he went out the back screen door with his long pool net over his shoulder and a little bounce in his step.


    • Danny on August 2, 2022 at 4:02 pm
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    I wish I could just take you and make you mine. So fucking hot courtney!

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