Give It To Gladys

Phone sex granny

I hang out with a phone sex granny who gets tons of calls from a bunch of old wolf pussy loving phone perverts.  Who knows why all of those guys crave a crusty gray gash and her small, shaky voice.  They sure as hell do, though.  I wonder what happened to those men when they were boys that made them want to whack off to ladies who are a little long in the tooth.

To hear her tell it, it’s because their grandmas liked to play with their young little boy peckers and used to make them cum really hard on an almost daily basis and no one else has ever sucked out their cock snot like their good ol’ granny did.  She says she used to watch all of her dirty little descendants while her offspring went to work and had all of the immature cocks and unsplit cunts she ever needed to satisfy herself.  

Obviously, she never stopped.  My young loving old lady friend loves thick rods that are a third of her age, so I make sure to offer her every dick that I drain.  I fuck guys of all ages, but almost all of them are younger than she is.  Most of my pussy pounding poles are into it, some of them are a little uneasy about it.  In the end, everyone gets what they want.  They get to bang out two whores, good ol’ Gladys gets to gulp down all of the younger cock cream she wants and I get the fucking I need and to help my friend all at once! 

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