Cut a cops dick off

Tight shaved pussy Courtney

I really want to cut a cops dick off. I can’t help fantasizing about it 24/7.

I want to wear my highest high heels and stockings and garter belt. The heels will have a strap around the ankle so I don’t loose them while I’m kicking this cops dick really hard. I also would invite my girlfriend to come along so she can film it with her phone so I can blackmail that pig piece of shit later with it. Or I could just watch it and rub my pussy til I cum all over my panties

. So I would trick this cop into thinking I was a hooker and he was going to bust me in a sting, then I’d just take the pointy part of my heel and kick as fucking hard as I could right into his dick over and over and while he’s on the ground grabbing his crotch in the fetal position crying in pain I just stomp and grind my heel down into his dick over and over pulverizing it into hamburger meat.

Then I’d take my switch blade I keep hidden in my boot for safety and I’d whip it open with a flick of my wrist and kneel down on one knee and with one hard flick I would slice that coppers dick right off. I’d cut it off right at the base where it starts and then I’d stretch his ball sack out far and using a sawing motion just slice balls off and then dangle them in front of his face so he could see his ball sack in my hands and I would just laugh my ass off.

Next I would whistle for my dog to come over and I would drop kick his nut sack into the back yard for my dog to play fetch with, the whole time the cop is watching of course. His nuts are just a gooey mess all wet with dog slobber and teeth marks

.Then I’d throw his balls sac into the blender and puree those fuckers to liquid and pour it  into the cat food dish for my kitty cat to lap up his balls while he lays there close to passing out then I’d take his dick the shaft part and I’d throw it into a wood chipper that was placed right in front of this piece of shit cops face and I’d let dick chunks splatter his face as they flow out the wood chipper.

While he’s covered in chunks of his tiny little cop dick I’d let my dog come over and lick the dick bits off his face and eat them and slurp them up while he watches in horror. God damn I want to cut a cops dick off, I’m one sick bitch but I can’t help it, that’s what my filthy sick mind wants to see happen.

who knows maybe some day soon my fantasy will come true?

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