Giantess Elizabeth

fetish phone sex elizabeth

Now while I am a submissive Pervert Mommy, Ther are times when I love to have my way with my tiny men. That’s right, cum and be shrunk down. James was just such as I wanted to bring him into my magic bathwater and shrink his ass down! I pretended to bathe him and be in complete servitude as I always am.  But Then James began to shrink and scream and he was only a foot tall and still shrinking rapidly. I scooped him up from the vast bath. Now I had no pockets and I was naked so I shoved James up in my smooth bare mommy twat. I know it was so wet. I even pushed and pulled him in and out a little. James fit so well inside me like a little Tampon. I carried him in my pussy all day long, I would pull him out and jack is minature peepee and shove him in my ass again.  I even brought him home to my tranny boy and little girl. They played hide James until his bath water shrinking started to wear off and I heard moans of pleasure from my littles rooms. I knew then that James was a big boy with a big cock again!    

James Best be careful I have a whole bathtub of shrinking magic bathwater to make my fantasy fetish last even longer! fantasy phone sex

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