Fucked On the First Date

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I went on a blind date, he asked me to come back to his place when I did, we kissed and started messing around. My nipples were hard and he did good by sucking them which only made my dick harder. He reached down in between with a surprise look in his face he started pulling my cock out. I pulled his cock out and we were stroking each other, I moved down and started sucking his fat cock slow and steady I played with his balls too. To my surprise he went down and started sucking on my hard dick even sucked on my balls and when I told him to lick my asshole he did. It only made me hornier so I bent him over and stuck my tongue deep in his ass too. I was shocked to hear him as me to fuck him but very excited, so I spread him open and started shoving my dick into his tight asshole. Inch my inch he took it and when I was deep in him, I stroked his cock as I pounded him. He was so tight I couldn’t pound him for too long before I came all in his ass. He then bent me over and shoved his hard cock in my ass hard and fast, I bounced my ass back like a good bitch until I made him explode in me. That was the best first date he ever had.

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    Hottest Tranny on this site, you help me cum so much!

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