Freshly Shaved Cunt

tight shaved pussy

I was getting pounded the other day and while the guy was fucking me, he told me he was so happy that I have a tight shaved pussy. He told me it turns him on so much when he can look down as his cock slides in and out of me and it looks clean. He can see my pussy lips stretch out around his big cock and that’s a huge turn on. I have to admit that I love it, too. Looking down and being able to watch him stretch me out really makes my pussy really freaking wet.
Do you love a shaved tight pussy too? Do you love being able to look down and see my puffy pussy lips stretch? Do you like watching the folds of my lips move while you are fucking me? I love it, too. And if you are a really good boy, I might even let you pull your cock out and shoot a load all over my wet bald pussy. It’s so hot to have you rub it all over my pussy with the head of your cock on my clit. It’ll make me cum so hard. Come on, baby! I’m ready for you!

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