Forced to Breed and Be Bred!

impregnation phone sex

Mommy is just a whore for you. Impregnation phone sex gets me off because we do it subby style. We bring my filthy fucking daughter slut in on our games and breed me and her!  My bald cunt is shaved for you at your request, because this stupid cunt will do anything for a dirty nasty daddy like you. You abuse women with your big fat cock and love that I have offspring you can use as you please.  

You force my daughter to use me like you do. Her teen body abusing me and getting my insides ripe for your seed. You know that a daughter and her mother knocked up with your baby batter is going to make them both submissive to you! My teen daughter thinks you favor her because you enjoy fucking me while she abuses me. 

But her time will come when she is in a gang bang while pregnant and screaming for help. After all that’s how we conceived her… daddy! I make no judgments on the things you do to me,I know my growing brat will get her cum-up-ins soon enough. Plus I love being pregnant and I am a true pain slut! 


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