Foot Fetish? Let Me Help

fetish phone sexSo, I have this client that has a foot fetish. He explained that he loved the way they smelled. He would smell my shoes and rub the insides where my foot had left indentations and then proceed to jack off in my shoes. Hmmmm… I caught him in the act one day without my knowledge. I walked up behind him, and I softly whispered for him to remove his pants and I would have a treat for his cock, my feet. So, he removed his pants and I laid him back. His cock was already hard, so it obviously didn’t need any attention from my mouth. I handed him one of my shoes and he held it up to his nose. I placed his cock between my feet and fucked his cock with my feet. He held my shoe closer to his nose. I rubbed my feet up and down his cock holding it in a nice firm grip with my feet. Soon he was moaning with delight as my feet went faster and faster around his dick. He came all over my toes and then stuck my toes in his mouth, sucking his own cum off them. I bet you need some sissy training too, don’t you?

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