Fireworks and A Submissive P-mommy

submissive phone sex

This sexy subby P mommy took her littles to the aquarium today. There were so many hot dads I just wanted all those cum loads. I didn’t even get to oohh and ahh over the marine life because I was busy fantasizing about each and every male cum load covering my bodies and my offspring. I accidentally called my tranny son by his male name and one old man said I was a filthy pervert for letting my son be a girl. I asked him what was I supposed to do when he wanted to wear my daughters’ clothes and have a dick up his ass. That man slapped me and I asked for another. I said maybe you need to come to make him a man and show him how to fuck mommy right? A crowd had gathered but this man followed us out to the car and told us to follow him. We drove to his house on the beach. I was tied up as this stranger had his way with my little right in front of me. I was duct taped in Italian colors as pink rosebud asshole were gapped and they cried for mommy! What Nasty things do You want to do to us?

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