Filled up an Drained

Fetish phone sex


I’m a dominant slut with a big dick, so I’m the one who normally does the fucking. But on this occasion, I had to let my john fuck my ass good. His dick was bigger than mine. From the moment he pulled it out and I saw it bouncing and throbbing, my mouth started watering. I went straight to licking and sucking the head while playing with his big balls. I could feel how full they were it got my dick leaking. I started stroking my cock while sucking on his. He grabbed the back of my head and started hard fucking my throat, his big cock made me gag and want to try and see if I could take it just as hard as hard as he was fucking my face. He didn’t say much I knew he was ready to fuck my ass and fill it up when I felt his balls tighten up and him groan as he grabbed my chin. I bent over started pinching my nipples and stroking my cock, then he spit on my asshole to make sure it was wet. I was ready for him with one stroke he shoved his throbbing dick deep in my ass. The harder he fucked me the hard I stroked my dick. I was so close to bust my nut it hit me when I felt him bit my shoulder and started filling me up with his cum, I felt every pump. I lost control and blasted my cum all over the floor.  

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