Fill Me Up, Baby

impregnation phone sex

I have a serious question for you – does impregnation phone sex turn you on as much as it does me? I find myself thinking about being fucked and creampied all the time. Just the thought of my breasts growing and being more sensitive really turns me on. I don’t know about you, but thinking about you fucking me with my growing belly on full display makes my pussy throb. Does it make your cock hard? I want to spread my legs for you so you can fuck me. I want you to shoot that hot, juicy load of cum deep inside me and make me pregnant.
All of my friends who have been pregnant told me about how horny they got when they were knocked up and honestly, that’s one of the things that makes me want to do it. I love fucking and if I can be fucked even more than I am now, sign me up! I wonder how big my tits will get? And I wonder if my clit will be even more sensitive than it already is? I hope so. I’m getting horny now so I hope you’ll be calling me and fulfilling my impregnation fantasies very soon!

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