Equal Opportunity Fucker


I have what you call, “a bad reputation”, around town.
I am not sure why. I mean just because I love dick, that makes me a bad person? I find that very wrong! I love pussy to. I am quite proud to say, I am an equal opportunity fucker!
Last weekend, I was at cheer practice and this guy came to pick up his girl friend after practice. He had been flirting with me for a while but this time he he took it to a whole new level.
He kept trying to lift my little skirt, telling me he would “love to have a piece of that”.
So I decided to fix him once and for all. I gave him a sweet little smile and told him to come back later after everyone had gone.
I didn’t tell him, but I also asked his girl friend to come over a bit before him. Now I am sure you all know by now, how our tryouts work, so you know that his girl and I have already explored every inch of each others soft young bodies. So when she got to my house, I told her my plan and we jumped right in.
She has such beautiful tits, you can’t help but squeeze them and suck her perky hard nipples.
She slid her hand up my thigh and gently rubbed my clit. I was already very wet!
Then her guy came and rang the bell. Damn! It was just getting good!
So I go to the door and let him in. He has this huge grin on his face like he things he is going to get something!
He was going to get something alright! I leaned up and gave him a kiss and slipped my tongue deep inside his mouth, I could feel him getting hard through his pants. His girl was right, it WAS a tiny little prick! I smiled and took him by the hand and led him into my room where his girl was Naked, sprawled out on my bed.
I told hip we were going to play a little game but he would have to be tied up. He was getting pretty excited so he agreed and we took of all of his clothes and tied him to a chair.
Then his girl and I fondling each other, taking turns licking each others wet cunts, nibbling each others yummy nipples
Her pussy tasted so sweet. I just couldn’t get enough of that dripping honey!
Her boyfriend was sitting in the chair begging us to let him join! I just looked at him and smiled and told him he could never fuck me like she could! Not with that tiny little tooth pick!
We made him watch as she ate all the cream I was dripping and she clit my clit start to quiver and knew I was about to burst! She immediately forced her finger in my light little rosebud ass! I felt so amazing and I couldn’t hold back! She moved her face out of the way just in time for me to squirt my load all over her man!
It was a blast! I don’t think him and his itty bitty tiny weenie will be bothering us anymore!

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