Enemas make me wet

enema phone sex

I give myself regular enemas to keep my ass nice and clean for when a cock goes up there. But I wasn’t aware that it also turned me on until this last time. I had just emptied the Fleet enema into my ass when I brushed my clit on the way out. I was hot and ready for some action! As I waited for the enema to do its job I got a call for some enema phone sex. The person I was talking to was happy to hear that I was doing an enema but were upset that they weren’t able to hear it going in. We compromised a little when they had me fuck my asshole with the enema bottle and also rub my cunt. I was dripping wet and had to run to the toilet knowing that my orgasm was going to be massive and it would cause me to shit. Just as I sat on the toilet I exploded! I was cumming and emptying my bowels at the same time. I was seeing stars while I could hear my caller orgasming as well. When I finally came down I cleaned myself up and made my way back to my bed. Anyone else up for some enema play time?

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