Drunken Sex

Tight shaved pussy

I love coming home from a late night at the bar and bringing a sexy ass man with a huge fucking cock home to fucking my tight little cunny. I love sucking his fucking cock while he takes me home making him so fucking hard and wet. We make it to my house and he doesn’t even wait till were inside, he lifts up my short ass skirt and pushes it between my already wet pussy lips into my shaved pussy. He pushes in deep and hard while I unlock the door. We get inside and he presses me into the fucking wall while he shoves his cock in and out of my fucking pussy fast and hard while I beg for more. He wraps his hand around my throat and starts choking me while fucking me and that makes my pretty fucking pussy even more wet than it already was. I start rubbing my clit while he pounds his rock hard cock into me making me cum all over his fucking cock. I can tell he is about to cum and I let him release his big fucking load into me and make him bend down to lick it all clean.


    • Harlow on June 30, 2022 at 11:02 pm
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    If choking you gets you wet, then I’d make that cunt of yours gush like a hydrant.

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