Bald, Slippery, Sweet Cunt

Bald shaved pussy Lillian


 I know you love seeing my bald tight pussy fresh out the shower. I timed it perfectly for when you’d be home after you said your girlfriend stressed you. You always count on me since I love playing with your huge balls hehe. I craved you every day since the first time you pinned me up at the theatre. Everyone left and we would flirt as I leaned you toward the wall and kissed you. I saw that glimmer in your eye as you glided your hands against my waist squeezing my tight ass. I loved the way you kissed my neck and ripped the buttons off my shirt to suck on my big breasts. I started to wrap my left leg around you- then you scooped me and banged me right against the wall. Sliding my shorts to the side just enough for your cock to stuff my tight young pussy, slamming me while I moaned into the walls echoing the empty theatre. How I wished someone was there to watch what work your put your cock into our sexy bodies sweating, pumping, fucking through the night. Falling toward the ground gripping one another like animals while Cumming together. Fuck how I love an unplanned moment of getting stuffed by a juicy cock.

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    • Chris on June 30, 2022 at 11:05 pm
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    Ain’t nothin better than pussy hot and fresh out the shower!

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