Donald loves to be Peed on by Exotic Escorts

Phone sex humiliation


I have a significant friend named Donald, and he’s pretty nasty there are things that he likes the other guys might just frown it. My friend Donald took a trip to a foreign land, and on that trip, he did some things he’d hoped that no one ever found out about. It’s much too bad that when he got back his job knew everything now that Donald secret is out all of his co-workers one and fired and I don’t blame them, but I do feel sorry for Donald because he’s my friend. You see, Donald went somewhere and got about 4 escorts to do some nasty fucking shit to him. Unluckily for Donald, one of those escorts was looking for a come up, and she videotaped the whole entire thing. Donald had a fetish to be peed on and did he get some liquid golden serum all over his face. He was On Bended Knees begging 4 those beautiful girls to piss all over him, and they did oblige. Now everyone knows poor Donald Secret because Donny boy refused to pay that one escort when he should have. He just didn’t believe her he didn’t think that she had a tape and now it’s all out in the open. Poor Donald what is he going to do I mean he’s all red-faced and fucked up and who can get mad at the lady of the night who tried to get a bigger come up. Now poor Donald is all over the news because his high-paying job is marching him out in shame. Donald, I guess you’re fired. Donald did a lot of fucked up shit while he worked at this job I can’t wait to tell you all of the foolish Antics that he got into. I still love my Donald though I pee on him every chance I get, and I won’t tell anyone I know how to keep a secret.

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