Do You Want To Touch Her?

My little angel just woke up and is feeling frisky. Her grand daddy was enjoying her last night. You came by this morning so hard and horny for the little brat crew of your neighbors. I am such a dirty whore of a mommy. I walk you to her room. My deflowered little angel is sucking her thumb and sleeping like a princess. I pull the blankies away from her and gently pull her little girl panties down.

“Do you want to come in and touch her?” I ask in a whisper. The grin grows and you say that you want to do much more than touch. I smile and spread her legs. She starts to wake up and is receptive to that big cock of yours. Go ahead and let her suck it while you look at that newly gaped little pussy. I promised you could have it after her grandaddy popped her little cherry.

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