Do Not Cum

Mistress phone sexI sit there with my fingers pleasing my pussy. I am watching you trying your hardest not to cum. You thought I wouldn’t catch you playing with your dick without my permission. But I did catch you! Your dick belongs to me. You should have learned that lesson by now but I guess you need a refresher course. Now you want to cum and you can’t. If you cum I will whip you and we both know you don’t want that. I yell for you to get pumped faster and I yell at you to not dare cum. I love that look of anguish in your face. I love the way your body squirms on the table. The begs and pleads coming out of your mouth are like angels singing in the heavens. You can’t help it you explode all over the place.  I see the shame and fear on your face as you see me walk over and grab the whip.  I know you feel the need to test your limits as a sissy but maybe now you will think twice on it.

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