Discreet Mutual Masturbation With Roommate Dan

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A couple of years ago I had a roommate by the name of Dan. Dan was so fucking sexy, my pussy was always dripping for him. Dan had a girlfriend who he was very committed to and I respected that. It made Dan appear sexier to me, the fact he could be living with a woman as naughty and sexy as I am and still stay committed said a lot about him. Like I said though, I am naughty and I can’t help that there is a slut demon living inside of my soul. So I won’t lie and tell you I did not try to discreetly temp Dan to spread my ass and pussy wide open and make me his personal cum slut for the day. I tried many different naughty, slutty things. Then it happened, without trying to provoke Dan to make me his cum slut, we finally engaged in something naughty. Unknown mutual masturbation is what my sexy roommate Dan and I did for the next two years. I was in the bath soaking my body. The bath water was so warm and relaxing. I was rubbing on my soft titties, I was loving the way my tits were floating in the water only exposing my hard nipples. Then my clit started tingling, telling me to rub on her. I submit to my pussy so of course I started gently playing with her. The bigger my clit started to swell with pleasure, the louder my moans started to get. Ten minutes into my pleasuring session in the bath, I heard the bathroom door slightly creek open, then I heard soft moans coming from behind the door. I already knew who those sexy moans were coming from. I had to hold my mouth from my exploding orgasm. The moment I heard Dan rubbing his sexy fucking cock while listening and watching me touch my pretty pooched up pussy, I couldn’t help but squirt my warm juices right in my bath water. I did not want to stop though, I wanted to know Dan caught the same type of explosion that I did. I started touching my pussy again, the louder I got, the louder Dan was. Five more minutes was all we needed and Dan’s cock started shooting cream all over. I think we both knew what was going on but the sexy part about it was, we never said a thing to each other. I took a bath every other day just so I could hear Dan on the other side of the door.

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