Dirty boy loves my panties

Hottest phone sexIt’s late at night and as you’re taking out your garbage cans you look up into my bedroom window and see me as I throw something out down on to my driveway, enticing you to have the hottest phone sex with me. I motion for you to come over and pick it up to see what it is. Much to your delight, it’s a pair of my nasty little panties all rolled up into a ball and freshly wet, straight off of my pussy! You shove them into your face and take a big whiff of the tasty scent… they smell soooo good, don’t they!? I watch you get a sexual smirk on your face and stuff them into your pocket, you can’t wait to go back into your house and wrap them around your throbbing cock as you jerk off with them. As you scuffle away from my driveway, you can hear me giggling out of my window as I yell down to you, ‘you better hide those from your wife, dirty boy!’ You already know that I am the stuff that wet dreams are made of. I wanna be your secret playmate that makes you cheat on your clueless wifey. How about when she falls asleep, i’ll sneak over and we can play ‘hide & fuck’ in your house as she snoozes away. Show me how much of a risk taker you really are while we have hot phonesex!Hot Phonesex

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