Did You Think I Wouldn’t Know

fetish phone sexYou don’t think I know but I do. A Mistress knows all. So, when you step out on me and enjoy the company of others without permission you must be punished. I see you wanting to creep back in to have a little fun, but you are going to have to earn that privilege. I hear what you have done and how much time you have spent with them and feel a touch betrayed. After all, just think of all the special treatment you have received from me in the past. But you know me well enough. I have a plan for you. You want back in my good graces don’t you. So, do what you know works best. Gravel, repent and confess. Then worship. Worship me and all that I am. Praise me for the wonderful being that I am. That’s a great start but don’t think this will go without punishment. You see this whip? It is for you. Crawl to me, beg me to remove that cheating demon inside of you. I will leave the severity of your actions to you. You shall be in charge of how this indiscretion shall be resolved. You shall make it up to me. Now sit and reflect and show penitence for your actions. I will be waiting for you.

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