Diaper Mommy

Diaper phone sex

Recently I have been into wearing diapers. I guess all theses diaper phone sex men have convinced me to and this dirty diaper mommy loves to put on her diaper with you or just for you! I have always had men in my life over the years that like wearing diapers and being taken care of by a naughty mommy like me. Now I went and bought a wholesale box of all kinds of patterns and designs for a big mommy baby like myself! I love to pissm cum and sht in my dipaers too! Maybe you can pull back a shitty mommy diaper and fuck me in my poopies! Don’t I look so sexy laying in my baby girl’s crib with my bottle and pacifier! I still need cum to drink though! I just need a diaper lover or a big hot man with a big dick who wants to fuck this diaper brat mommy! Let’s wear our diapers together and cum in them at the same time! 

Kinky phone sex

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    • Will on March 26, 2022 at 6:08 pm
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    Does that diaper make sexy crinkling noises when you are crawling on your knees?

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